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Sunday, 14 December 2014

How to Homeschool Preschool ( Motor Skills ) - Part 2


Ok...tanpa membuang masa, jom kita sambung balik topik kita pada kali ini.  Kita share sesama ilmu yang berguna untuk anak-anak kita.

Fine Motor Skills Development

fine motor skills for preschoolers

Kebanyakkan kemahiran yang diperlukan oleh anak-anak kita ketika di tadika adalah kemahiran 'fine motor control'.  Jika anak anda masih bersusah payah dan belajar untuk memegang pensil, latihkan anak anda dengan aktiviti seperti ini untuk menolong anak anda develop their grasp and hand eye coordination.

fine motor skills
Hanya perlukan Q-tips, colored straw dan gunting.  Guntingkan colored straw pendek-pendek.

fine motor activity for kids
Masukkan Q-tips ke dalam straw.

dyed q-tips activity
This skills will help your kids develop the finger 'grasp' coordination that they will need as they begin writing.

Kita perlukan colored paper, marker, gam dan gunting.

Lorekkan colored paper seperti begini.

Gunakan gunting yang selamat digunakan untuk kanak-kanak.

Ajarkan anak anda menggunting mengikut garisan.

Dan kemudian, tampal.  Anda boleh buat seperti begini.

Atau begini.  Boleh buat bentuk kereta, rumah atau muka orang.  Menarik, bukan?

- Simplify this activity by providing basic straight lines for your child to practice cutting.  You don't need to focus on shapes you can just concentrate on the fine motor, hand-eye coordination required to cut along a line.  Save curved lines for another time.

- Extend this activity by having your child measure and draw the lines in themselves.  Challenge them to create one cohesive picture out of the shapes.  

- Demostrate and discuss particular skills if your child is new to these techniques.  Such as how to hold the paper and move it or the scissors to achieve the desired cut.

- Talk with your child about what they are doing.  This will help them understand the physical and mental processes they are going through as well as giving them the vocabulary to describe it.

Pencil Grip Tips!

Just like that!

Ada banyak lagi cara untuk mempratikkan kemahiran motor anak anda, antaranya ialah....

What they are learning while they play:
maths: sorting and matching by colour and shades of colour
physical: fine motor control and co-ordination, threading small pieces, pincer grasp, hand:eye co-ordination
phse: concentration, thinking skills, perseverance
creativity: making new creations from combined materials

Weaving around cardboard activity!

What they are learning while they play:
creativity: experiment with a range of materials and dimensions, weaving and sewing, creating with recycled materials
physical: hand-eye co-ordination skills, fine motor skills, pincer grasp
phse: concentrate on a project for extended periods of time, complete a self-intiated project, work collaboratively, be proud of own achievements

Foam and Felt Collage Activity!

What they are learning while they play:
* creativity and imagination
* free expression and decision making
* independence
* exploring a range of textures and tactile experiences
* talking about shapes and colours
* developing fine motor skills

What they are learning while they play:
* recognising, naming and matching colours
* sorting and matching according to one criteria
* creativity
* fine motor skills development through tearing, sorting and sticking
* working together on a collaborative project (PHSE)

Pointillism painting with cotton buds from The Artful Parent
Painting with Q-tips activity!

Pointillist painting with cotton buds for kids

Portrait painting with q tips
So cute!

Pipe cleaning activity!

What they are learning while they play:
* exploration and investigation of new materials
* promoting creativity and independent thinking
* sensory and tactile play
* hand to eye co-ordination
* developing fine motor skills
* vocabulary: texture and descriptions

Nampak macam menarik jer kan aktiviti-aktiviti yang boleh kita ajarkan pada anak-anak kita nanti.  The important is they happy and it's so much fun to learning.  Sekaligus mengajar anak kita untuk mengembangkan lagi daya kreativiti dan kemahiran imaginasi mereka.

Sehingga kita bersambung lagi di lain entry di dalam topik yang sama, How to Homeschool Preschool ( Math Skills ) - Part 3.

Harap bersabar yerk!  

To be continued!

Thanks for reading this entry!

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